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Sports spotlight: Ambitious Addy

Izabella Palczer

Addison Schwabenbauer: a great athlete and amazing swimmer. Swim season is about to begin, so I decided to ask Addy a couple questions about her experience with swimming and a little bit of her life story on how she began swimming in the first place. Ever since she was a little kid, she loved watching pro athletes swim. When she was about 5 years old, for her birthday, her mother found out there was a swim camp. She told Addy that if she wanted to, she could go to that camp and see if she liked it. Since then, Addy is excited to start every season and has been swimming her heart out ever since fifth grade…especially the 500 freestyle.

The 500 freestyle is Addy’s favorite swim event. Addy said, “I dominate at the 500 freestyle out of everything else.” She loves doing that specific event because, “It’s relaxing and I love the distance.” When she competes she is normally swimming the 500.

Addy stated, “Tell me to swim and I will keep swimming til you tell me to stop.” To prepare for a competition, Addy listens to loud music to amp herself up. She loves swim because she can make friends, become athletic, train her body and become fit.

During practices, it is hard, but sometimes easy. They practice everything and anything they would normally compete in a competition such as sprints, distance, kick, pull, etc..  The coaches do help the swimmers; they give them advice, tell them what they expect for the season, and get them motivated. They have them do a lot of different strokes and events, so being motivated and having a clear mind is key. Not only do the coaches alone help with motivating the swimmers. The fans and anyone on the sidelines cheer and help them get into a good mindset to swim better.

Outside of practices and the season, Addy exercises by going to the gym. She exercises quite a bit but “not as much as I should be” she said. She does practice a little bit outside of the season because she has to be ready for the approximately four-month long season.

Addy has been swimming for a long time, so she has won many events and has even made it to districts AND states! She did not get first place, but she did get third out of a lot of people. She won that spot by doing the free relay. She has also won many other things, like other races and the 500 freestyle, getting first place. She even made a new record swimming the mile and getting around 16.17 seconds.

I asked her “What would you tell someone that is thinking of joining the swim team?” and her response was. “Do it! What do you have to lose? There is nothing to be scared of. The coaches, swimmers, people on deck and board all treat you as if you are part of a family. That shows you are willing to do anything for the team. As soon as you begin, you are treated like you are part of a family.”

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Izabella Palczer, Reporter
Izabella Palczer is a freshman who works on the newspaper among other school things. This is her first year working on the newspaper. She loves to write and be creative. When she is not in class or working on school work, Izabella is reading, watching movies/TV shows, or hanging out with family and friends.