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Top 10 best fall scents


As we are in the middle of fall, most people should know about all the wonderful scents that come with it. From sugary scents to natural ones, fall smells so good. If these came in candles, I would buy them all. Here is my Top 10 list of the best fall scents.

10. Chai – This tea makes me feel all cozy inside. It smells like a lot of spices mixed together. If you get the latte version of this drink, it smells very sweet and inviting. However, without any add-ins it may smell bitter.

9. Brown Sugar – Unlike regular sugar, brown sugar is way more flavorful as it is made with molasses. It smells almost like caramel and is used in so many baked goods. However, it can be overly sweet.

8. Thanksgiving Day – When you think of Thanksgiving, you most likely think of food. Imagine walking into your kitchen while all the food is being prepared for dinner. It is one of the most inviting smells. Sometimes it can be overwhelming.

7. Pumpkin Pie – This dessert makes me immediately think of fall when I smell it. It may just be the fact that it is pumpkin, but it still smells wonderful. It smells like a wonderful blend of spices and pumpkin. 

6. Pumpkin Spice Latte – This drink is the definition of fall drinks as it always comes back around full swing in the fall. Although I am not a fan of coffee, the smell is nice with the sugar and pumpkin spice. 

5. Maple – Anything that is maple is always good. Maple syrup always smells the best when it is the real, very liquid version of it. The fake maple syrup can be overwhelmingly sweet, but the real kind is so good. What makes it even better is that maple can mix with so many things, leading to a variety of smells.

4. Apple pie – As one of my favorite desserts, the smell of apple pie is always welcome. When done right, it smells just like a pile of spices mixed with a buttery crust and sweet apples. Cinnamon is probably the most prominent fragrance of the pie.

3. Apple cider – Whenever I smell apple cider, I always think of The Whistle Stop on Center Street. When I was younger they would always have hot apple cider in the store during Christmas in Corry. Although cider may fall into a Christmas category, it still counts for fall as apples are harvested in the fall. The tangy scent of apple cider is always a welcome one. 

2. Fallen leaves – What could get anymore fall than the colorful leaves on the trees? The red, yellow, and orange leaves not only decorate the ground, but they create a slight, yet wonderful smell. The only thing that is keeping fallen leaves from first is that once the leaves turn brown, they tend to lose their scent.

1. Cinnamon – The best fall scent is easily cinnamon. It perfectly goes with almost any other smell and is used in so many desserts. Some may say that cinnamon is a Christmas scent, but I could not disagree more. Cinnamon is such a present scent in so many fall things that it deserves first place.

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