3 in a row

3 in a row

Saturday I played the Titusville Rockets in football and won 22-6. It was our last JV game of the season and I wanted to get the victory with a passing touchdown.

I started off slow but then started to heat up with a touchdown pass to Blake Cook on a slant route to put us up 8-6. I was happy to throw a touchdown pass but we still needed to win. The next offensive drive I threw another deep ball to Blake Cook for our second touchdown. That put us up 14-6 and I had thrown two touchdowns and Blake had caught two touchdowns.

At halftime coach said that we needed to keep up the intensity in order to end the season with a win. After halftime our defense stopped the Rockets from scoring so our offense could go back out on the field. On the offensive drive I threw a pass to Blake and it was incomplete but then out of no where this kid hits me late in the head. I got pretty mad and started to yell at him but the officials threw a flag so it was fine. We were about to score when we fumbled the ball and the other team recovered it.

Our defense was able to stop them again from scoring. The offense went back out and started to move the ball on them pretty easily. When Nate Weis ran it in for another touchdown to finish the game. I had 158 passing yards and 2 TDS to finish the game.

The previous game we played Fort LeBoeuf and won 7-0. The game got all the way down to the end of the 4th quarter till we blocked a punt and scored a touchdown. It was a rainy and windy game so the passing game wasn’t working so on offense we mainly ran the ball. The game before we played Girard and won that game 27-6. It was also a rainy and muddy game so we mostly ran it. But those games lead to a 3-0 run to end the season

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