Hundreds of pies

Sylvia Elmquist, Reporter

Rosie could not believe her eyes when she opened the letter sent from The Great British Bake Off.  After twenty years of being an electrician, she was tired of connecting wires.  For as long as she can remember, she’s wanted to own her own bakery.  If she won this competition, she would not only have fulfilled a lifelong dream, but she would be launched into fame.

Less than a week after opening the letter, Rosie was on the plane to Berkshire.  She was hopeful that one of the first competitions would be baking pies because pies were her specialty.  The competition began the first day of her arrival.  After making blueberry tarts, she was confident that she would take home the title, but she knew that Sir Charles Francis was not going down without a fight.  From the looks of him, he might even play dirty.  

Eight weeks later Rosie’s prediction was right: it was down to Rosie and Sir Charles Francis.  She was astounded when she heard that the final competition was baker’s choice.  She immediately knew that she was going to include her signature pies.  She started planning at once and drew up a plan to construct the Eiffel Tower completely out of pies.  After hours of baking, she was done with hundreds of pies. She had everything ranging from pumpkin, to grape, to key lime pies as she constructed the tower perfectly.  

Rosie was extremely proud of her work.  The judges tried some pies and said that it was the best dessert they ever had.  One of the judges made a shocking discovery: one of the pies had been stepped on.  As the judge pulled it from the stack, the tower immediately crumbled, leaving the fruit middle all across the floor.  

Inevitably, Rosie came in second place and while congratulating berry-covered Sir Charles, he told her something quite shocking.  “If I would have known my new shirt would get ruined, I never would have stepped in your pie.”