The challenge for athletes participating in two sports simultaneously


Tony Kerr, Reporter

It is reasonable to want to attend or participate in multiple sports or after school activities at the same time. However, you can not literally be in two places at once. No matter which you choose to take part in you are always going to miss something in the other.

One common combination is soccer and track & field. They often have conflicting workout or meet days with games. The only way to avoid this would be to have very good communication between the two coaches, which can happen from time to time, but being a requirement quickly becomes an issue when a schedule is not negotiable. When that happens it comes down to the athlete to choose which to participate in and will always leave the team that is not chosen feeling let down.

It can even lead to the athlete being kicked out or not being able to qualify for certain events. For track specifically this may not just impact the qualifications of the missing athlete, but for others on the team as well. For events like the 4×800 meter it takes four people all capable of running district times in order to qualify. Three who can run district times and one who might be able to will not work. In the end, it really is not fair to either team or school activity to try to participate in both.