Laughy Levi


Jacob White, Reporter

Levi A. Merril is one of our many unique students at Corry Middle-High School. He was born on June 6, 2006 and he grew up in Sparta, PA.

Levi loves playing soccer, shooting trap, and swimming for the Corry Varsity Team. He also has a sister that is currently 21 years old. He would like to be an architect when he grows up and when asked why he got into that job he responded with, “I played Minecraft at a young age.”

Levi would like to travel to Ireland because “It’s cool looking.” He was also asked what his biggest pet peeve is and he said “When [people] don’t take your advice and go and do the same thing.”

To end it out he was asked what his plans were over Easter break and said that he would be going to the Outer Banks.