Marvelous Mineo

Mrs. Mineo, school psychologist

Ashton Mineo

Mrs. Mineo, school psychologist

Ashton Mineo, Reporter

Julie Mineo is a school psychologist here at Corry. She deals with grades 3-8 here at Corry and you can find her in the administration section of the high school.

Mrs. Mineo is a Corry High School alum and she grew up in Corry. She attended Gannon University, where she attained her bachelor’s degree for psychology and she also minored in criminal justice. When she was growing up, Mrs. Mineo wanted to become a forensics psychologist for the FBI, but her inability to pass the running test hindered those dreams. After her four years at Gannon, she earned her master’s degree at Edinboro. She worked at Sam’s Club first as a cashier and then a personnel manager as a way to pay for her college. Mrs. Mineo worked for the Eisenhower School District for her first 14 years as a school psychologist, and then she was hired by Corry in 2017.

Mrs. Mineo has a lot of interests outside of psychology as well. She loves spending time with her family and friends. Mrs. Mineo enjoys boating, gardening, and vacationing among other things. She said that if she could travel anywhere in the world, she would chose Greece because it is beautiful and very sunny. Mrs. Mineo is also a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan, and she enjoys watching football.

Psychology has always interested Mrs. Mineo. She told me that her favorite part of her job is helping students, parents, or teachers that are in need. She got into psychology because she finds it very interesting and she hoped that one day she could make an impact by helping people. Her best advise is to find something that you are passionate about and work hard to achieve your dreams. She has inspired me to take more of an interest in psychology and that has led me to select it as my intended major going into college.

Mrs. Mineo is great at what she does and she happens to be a pretty great mom too. I want to thank Mrs. Mineo for taking the time out of her day to answer my questions.