CTC spotlight: Ms. Lindsey


Reagan White, Editor

In honor of CTC month, this article will focus on getting to know the cosmetology teacher, Ms. Lindsey! She has been a teacher here at CAHS for many years. Her teaching deserves some appreciation and it would be nice to get to know her more.

Ms. Linsey graduated from CAHS and wanted to go into cosmetology. Becoming a cosmo teacher allowed her to have a steady income while doing what she loves. Her favorite part of her job is teaching her students all the different services that cosmo provides and interacting with outside clients. They practice the services over and over to develop muscle memory.

Some of her favorite activities include horseback riding and spending time with her kids. Her idea of a dream vacation is a beach runaway with her family. Lindsey’s favorite food is anything Italian.

Now some of her pet peeves include car wipers being on high while there is a light sprinkle of rain, cosmo towels not being folded right, and things not being color coded.

Some advice she would like to give is always push yourself to do better. Ms. Lindsey says that she would not have became a teacher if she had not pushed herself out of her comfort zone.