Temarr Johnson ranked top second baseman prospect

Pirates Prospect Temarr Johnson ranks 1st in the 2nd baseman preseason prospect rankings.


Jonathan Albers, Editor

The number four pick in the 2022 MLB draft, Temarr Johnson of the Pittsburgh Pirates, is ranked 1st in the MLB preseason prospect rankings.

Johnson was drafted out of  Benjamin E. Hays High School in Atlanta, Georgia. The 18–year-old was one of the best hitting prospects seen come out of High school since Mike Trout. The 5′ 7″, 175-pound middle infielder was committed to Arizona state before the draft but decided to go to play pro ball when he was drafted.

Johnson’s ratings include 70 hitting, power 60, run 50, arm 50, and field 55. Overall rating is a 60. Johnson will most likely play second base when he hits the majors because Oniel Cruz will be playing shortstop.  Johnsons estimated time of arrival is 2025. Where he will join a seasoned group of former top prospects and hopefully have success in the Burgh.