Ms. DiLuzio, a picture of confidence


Sylvia Elmquist

Ms. DiLuzio

Sylvia Elmquist, Reporter

For this spotlight, I interviewed the bubbly Ms. DiLuzio, who also did a wonderful job scribing for me. She grew up in Erie, PA, and attended university at Mercyhurst and Penn State. She enjoys spending time with her fun-loving puppy, Cappi. 

Something that Ms. DiLuzio believes sets her apart is her confidence and passion. I believe these are what make Ms. DiLuzio a great teacher. Her passion for teaching would even continue if she wasn’t a school teacher. She told me that her next go-to job would be a dog trainer!

Ms. DiLuzio has very deep Italian roots and is ecstatic to visit again. The most memorable thing was being immersed in the culture. And she was a big fan of all the Italian food. On that note, ciao!