Top ten hardest instruments

Top ten hardest instruments

Jacob White, Reporter

Most people like to challenge themselves in a myriad of different ways and varieties. For people who enjoy playing and listening to music, this article will be going over the top ten hardest instruments to play according to Corry’s music teacher, Mr. McCray. So if you would like to musically challenge yourself by trying to learn and understand these instruments, it is strongly recommended.

10. Trombone: Have to memorize how far the slide goes to make notes

9. French Horn: “Squirrelly” according to Mr. McCray

8. Flute: Sometimes hard to even figure out how to get a sound out

7. Drum set: Possibly four different rhythms at one given time

6. Timpani: Due to the fact that you have to tune each drum

5. Piano: Have to read up to 10 notes at one time

4. Violin: No frets, unlike a guitar

3. Accordion: Playing the piano with one hand and a button on the other and you have to squeeze in and out to produce sound.

2. Organ: It is similar to the piano but you have to add your feet into the mix, too

1.  Bassoon: There are five buttons just for one of your thumbs and it is double-reeded