Kind Kuzma


Rubie Gibson, Reporter

Mr. Andrew (Andy) Kuzma was born in October. He grew up in Corry, PA, and went to Corry High School. He loves being outdoors, camping, hunting and being with family. He has one brother and one full sister and also one half sister.

When he was younger he wanted to be a phys ed teacher, but as he grew up he wanted to be able to help kids, so he became an emotional support teacher.

His favorite movie is “Tommy Boy” and his favorite song is any song by Cody Jinks. When I asked Kuzma an animal that would match his personality, he said a yellow Lab because they are sweet and kind. His idea of a dream vacation would be camping in the mountains or a tropical beach

His idea of a perfect date would be dinner with his wife and hiking. His favorite classes in school were history and science. His favorite food is filet mignon. When he was in school he participated in wrestling and football, and his biggest pet peeve would be when people are late.

He would like to leave the readers with “Be kind to everyone.” Last but not least, I would like to say thank Mr. Kuzma for letting me interview you!