Brainy Benzel

Brainy Benzel

Tony Kerr, Reporter

Mr. Benzel went to General McLane growing up. He now teaches computer science and programming, along with some middle school math classes. Mr. Benzel’s favorite class to teach is computer science and programming.

A dream vacation for Mr. Benzel would be hiking and or mountain climbing in Alaska. Mr. Benzel does not have any children but he would like to at some point in the future. His favorite movie would have to be “Uncle Buck.”

One of his favorite meals would be a ham or cheeseburger with a cherry coke. Mr. Benzel’s favorite sport to watch is hockey. His favorite holiday is Christmas. He has only one sibling, an older brother. They get along well, apart from their childhood rivalry.

A video game that Mr. Benzel likes to play would be from the “Dark Souls” series.