Introducing the new school nurse, Mrs. Donoghue


Mrs. Donoghue

Samariana Pena, Reporter

Mrs. Donoghue is a nurse at CAHS. She grew up in Corry, attended Edinboro University, and earned her bachelor’s degree. Her birthday is July 6.

During her free time she enjoys being outside and staying active with family and friends. She has one sister and a brother. Mrs. Donoghue  wants to continue her job as a nurse here. Stephanie got into being a nurse because she enjoys helping people.

If Mrs. Donoghue could visit one place she would travel to England because her niece, nephew, and sister-in-law all live there. Mrs. Donoghue’s favorite genre of music is country because it makes her happy, favorite color is blue, and favorite emotion is happy.

Mrs. Donoghue’s plans for this upcoming vacation is to go deer hunting. Her favorite quote is, “Our purpose in life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

An animal that would match Donoghue’s personality would be bees because they’re busy and she’s always busy. Her idea of a dream vacation would be going to Outer Banks with her family and friends. Donoghue’s idea of a perfect date is doing outdoor activities with your partner.

Her favorite class was always nursing and special education because she has always loved to help people. Mrs. Donoghue’s favorite food is spaghetti. Mrs. Donohgue’s biggest pet peeve is being lied to.

A piece of advise that Mrs. Donoghue would share is, “I know this is challenging with COVID-19 and restrictions, but try to make each situation good”.