Lively Lucas

Lively Lucas

Kylynn Deane, Reporter

Lucas Scott Morningstar was born in Corry, PA, and grew up in Spring Creek Township. He was born on January 23 in 2008, and he is 14 years old. He has an older sibling, Issac, who is 17. Speaking of his family, they will be vacationing to Puerto Rico soon, but another vacation spot he hopes to travel to is Key West, Florida. 

He has interests in basketball and was there supporting the boys basketball team Friday, December 2, for their first basketball game. Along with this, his favorite class has always been gym, since he is into sports and athletics.

Now some more of his favorites he listens most to the music artist Tay-K. He likes the colors baby blue and orange. Also, when asked about his favorite food, “Ramen noodles,” Lucas said.  “You can’t mess those up.” 

Here are some fun facts about Lucas. He admits he would match an elephant to his personality. When asked why, “Big,” is how he responds. Also, his dream date is a trip to Chuck E Cheese with his significant other. 

It was great to get to know and to talk to this interesting person. His personality really shined through in this interview.