Have the Browns finally found their franchise quarterback?

Have the Browns finally found their franchise quarterback?

Ashton Mineo, Reporter

The Cleveland Browns have had a season filled with ups and downs. The season as a whole has been pretty disappointing as the Browns sit with a 4-7 record currently. After failing to reach high expectations last season the Browns went searching for answers in hope of finding that 2020 season magic once more. During the offseason, Cleveland traded six draft picks in exchange for controversial star quarterback Deshaun Watson. As great as Watson is on the field there are certainly some questions about his off-the-field behavior.

There has been a total of 24 civil suits filed against Watson for sexual misconduct with most of if not all of these women being massage therapists. Watson has settled or won all but two cases thus far, as there is no actual proof of any of the alleged incidents and Watson’s team did have some strong evidence against a few of the women. The NFL decided to suspend Watson for the first 11 games of this season due to these allegations and he had to participate in a treatment plan. The judge originally sentenced him to only six games, but it was appealed. They believed he should be punished because he was accused of these things, but the punishment wasn’t that bad because nothing was criminal and there was absolutely zero violence involved. With all that being said, Deshaun Watson returns this week against his former team the Houston Texans.

Jacoby Brissett has stepped in at QB for the Browns this season and he has done a great job. Brissett has over-performed his expectations and he has led the Browns to a top 10 offense so far this season. Browns fans are very happy with how Brissett has played and led this team into battle, that being said there is a lot of excitement and optimism surrounding the upcoming Browns’ debut of star QB Deshaun Watson. Watson looks to take this team to new heights and with the slow start this year due to a lot of losses in close games, but in upcoming seasons Cleveland should be making a push to win the AFC North.

The Browns future depends on how Watson plays after all the drama that has occurred off the field, and it all starts this week.