Make a note to watch “Joyful Noise”

Hannah Chelton, Reporter

“Joyful Noise” is based upon two women that are very strong-willed, and throughout the movie they are compelled to comply with one another when a small-town choir is threatened to shut down due to budget cuts.

The movie takes place in Pacashau, Georgia, and begins with the unfortunate death of the small-town church choir director, played by Kris Kristofferson. This leaves his widow G.G. Sparrow played, by Dolly Parton, and Vi Rose Hill, performed by Queen Latifah, in arguments on what should happen with the choir. Hill was given the position of being the head of the church choir, but Sparrow thought differently since she was the main benefactor for the church.

The church competed in competitions every year, and made it the regional finals, but it always results in disappointment when the rival choir beats them. This year is different though, and budget cuts jeopardize the choir. The women bicker and argue, and have to decide if they will come together in harmony too do what is best for the choir.

As a whole the movie was very enjoyable to watch, and I would recommend it to people. The movie was well played out, and seemed like normal daily conversations were happening, not like something read off of a script. I would not recommend the movie to young children because the movie is rated PG-13, uses some foul language, and finally parent and child quarrel. Overall, I would rate the movie a 3.5 out of 5 stars. This is because it was a good movie to keep one interested, but there was not a wow factor that set it apart from other musical comedy-drams films drastically.