Record snowstorm moves Bills game to Detroit

The Vikings’ and Bills’ wild week 10 match up may have been the game of the year


Jonathan Albers, Editor

The Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills were set for a match up this Sunday in Buffalo. Buffalo is known for being the snowiest city in all of America. There have been many classic games played in the snow of Buffalo.

When the forecast called for six feet of snow in Buffalo this weekend, fans were excited to see another classic match up. I was personally looking forward as a fantasy owner of Nick Chubb because he was going to be the workhorse of the game.

Unfortunately, NLF and NFLPA moved the game to Detroit to get away from the snowy conditions. It was the right decision, but this raises the question whether the Bills should be building a dome instead of another outside stadium. But don’t worry NFL fans, you will most likely get to see another snow game very soon.