Blender makes it easy to animate movie and video game scenes


Have you ever wondered how animated movies and scenes are made? Well, in this article I will be reviewing one of the most popular renderers called Blender. It has been free and open source since October 2002. While learning to use blender I have found that it has a very intuitive and easy to learn user interface.

If you decide that you do not use a certain part of the interface you can make it hidden, which will save to your project file and be retained across rendering and designing sessions. You can even change the layout of the interface to have certain tools in specific places to make remembering where things are easier.

Blender makes it very easy to work on different computers, too. Almost everything you need for a particular rendering project is stored in the main project file along with an optional portable Blender install so that you do not have to re-download and install Blender if you do have to switch the computer you are working on. It is currently supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Blender also includes an easy to use Python scripting experience. This can be used for writing custom extensions for automating certain tasks such as tree generation, terrain, ivy, and even clouds. Blender also has a powerful video editor which can be used on any video or group of images, made with blender or not.

In conclusion, Blender is a very useful tool for 3D animation and video editors. It can be used and customized for a variety of purposes and is one of the most common tools used when studios make animated movies or video game scenes. It has been free to learn and use since 2002 and the developers intend to keep it that way.