The Backup, a fictional story


The year is 2056 and a new football season is about to begin for the Corry Beavers. The Beavers are coming off of three straight state championships and they are looking to continue their historic run. This is all possible thanks to three time Gatorade Player of the Year, All-American quarterback Chad Powers and fellow 5-star recruit Kritter Jones anchoring the defense. It was no surprise when Coach Badwill named his two stars co-captains, but there was controversy swirling around the third captain, backup quarterback, Silas Conner-Peter III.

Silas Conner-Peter III has little to no playing experience, but he was just named a captain because his dad gave a lot of money to the program. Silas Conner-Peter III was bullied every single day by his teammates for his play at practice or even his appearance. After another tough day of practice Silas Conner-Peter III ran into the school janitor, and he asked what was wrong.

Silas replied, “What would you know about a tough day on the football field?”

The old janitor went on to explain that he was once a star football player himself and 40 years ago he got drafted to the NFL, but he got into a bad car accident, thus crushing his football dreams. Silas Conner-Peter III, desperate to earn the respect of his teammates, begged the man to train him until he finally agreed.

After almost an entire season of training behind the scenes, Silas Conner-Peter III saw tremendous improvement in his game, yet he was still not seeing the field. Corry had made it back to the state championship for the fourth time in four years and things were looking good for Chad Powers and company. Powers ran for touchdown to put the Beavers up 3 with three minutes to go, but Powers was hit as he dove for the end zone and he began clutching his leg.

Powers had to be carted off and things were looking grim for Corry as the defense allowed an easy touchdown, putting them down four with a minute to go. Silas Conner-Peter III was finally going to get his chance to be great. Silas efficiently led the Beavers down the field, setting up one final play from the ten yard line. Silas Conner-Peter III drops back and delivered a dime to Kritter in the back corner of the end zone to clinch a fourth straight state championship. Coach Badwill and team busted out in pure jubilee as they mobbed the field.

The state championship was awarded to star quarterback Chad Powers for his marvelous five touchdown performance, but when he was handed to the award he immediately deferred to his backup Silas Conner-Peter III. Powers thanked him for finishing the job and leading the boys to one more ring. He also apologized for being so hard on him and admitted that he misjudged Silas Conner-Peter III. The boys embraced each other with a hug and the Beavers left the field as back-to-back-to-back-to-back state champions.