Poll: What is the most anticipated homecoming tradition this year?

Poll: What is the most anticipated homecoming tradition this year?

Ruthie Light, Editor

As homecoming season approaches, there has been a lot of talk about all the different fun traditions to look forward to. These events include the homecoming football game, the homecoming formal dance, spirit week, the homecoming pep rally assembly and the homecoming parade. Because of all the excitement that has been building up for the last couple weeks, I have decided to conduct a survey on 60 high school students to see what the most anticipated homecoming event is this season.

To begin, I walked to multiple classrooms to see what students had to say about their favorite homecoming traditions. Many of the students had a hard time deciding on what they were anticipating the most because of all the different things to be excited about! Although there were many differing answers to this survey, there is one tradition that is the most anticipated for by the CMHS student body.

If you guessed the homecoming football game, you would be correct! The homecoming football game won with 19 votes. However, spirit week happened to be a very close second with 17 votes! Additionally, the event winning third place is the homecoming parade with 10 votes, in fourth place is the homecoming pep rally with eight votes and in last place is the homecoming dance with only six votes. Although the homecoming dance seems to be the least anticipated event, that does not mean there still are not people excited to attend it! Isaac Morningstar, junior, says that he is excited for the homecoming dance because he wants to “see what everyone is wearing to see if they are hot or not!”

In conclusion, this survey shows that the most anticipated homecoming tradition this year is the homecoming football game. Furthermore, all homecoming events start on Monday October 3. I hope to see you all having fun participating in your favorite homecoming tradition!