The door down below!

Lindsey Mitchell, Reporter

One time long ago, there were these teens who always were getting themselves into trouble. One night they decided to go to an old house that had looked like it had been abandoned. Little did they know it wasn’t. The first kid walked in and the rest followed. The one girl had an awful feeling about this from the beginning, but no one else would listen to her so she followed along in the back of the group. When going into the house it looked completely normal just with a little too many cob webs. Not thinking anything of it they searched the house up and down finding nothing unusual or spooky about the house. This was until the girl that was following behind saw another door they didn’t go explore yet. Everyone went down the stairs and then it started to get creepy. The stairs creaked a lot.

One boy broke one from just stepping on it. The girl cried that it wasn’t safe and that they should just go home now, but no one had listened. The further they went the darker it got and the boy spotted another door that sounded like something was in distress behind it. They all got down the stairs and huddled around the door to open it. The boy put his hand on the door knob and started turning it slowly until he couldn’t turn it anymore. He tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge. All at the same time, they pushed each other into the door to break it open. What they found was not okay. All these kids in this giant room they all started screaming for joy because they had thought someone had found them.

Then the door at the top of the stairs shut with a loud BOOM. The kids screamed and they felt the wind sweep them into the room they just opened and a person appeared saying, “I knew you’d come looking for trouble, now you can be with the rest of them.”

The door slammed shut before any of the kids could say anything. The little girl cried and said, ” I told you this wasn’t a good idea and that we should have went home. Now we will never be able to go home.”

They searched for a way out but couldn’t find one. They talked to the kids that were in there and realized they had been in there forever and no one could help them. Later that year the cops had arrested the owner of the house and when they searched the house they found the door, but by the time they got there it was too late and all the kids were gone.