Supreme Court confirms Ketanji Brown Jackson


Emma Minnick, Editor

On April 7, the Supreme Court confirmed President Biden’s justice nomination, Ketanji Brown Jackson. On the campaign trail, Biden made a promise: he would nominate the first ever black female Supreme Court Justice. He fulfilled his promise on February 28, 2022, when he nominated Jackson.

Jackson boasts an impressive list of credentials. A graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Law School, she has worked at Time magazine, worked as a corporate lawyer, and served on multiple federal benches of law.

After a long series of hearings, Jackson was confirmed on a 53-to-47 vote. All 50 members of the Democratic caucuses voted for her, with three Republicans joining. While some rejoiced at the historic confirmation, others dubbed it as strictly a diversity win. After Jackson’s confirmation, several Republicans walked out of the Senate chamber.

On the other hand, Democrats were ecstatic at the confirmation. Vice President Harris was, “deeply moved […] that we have just made a decision to put this extraordinary jurist on the highest court of our land. It’s a good statement about who we are.”

Jackson’s confirmation marks both historic progress in the government, as well as a deep partisan division within the Senate.