What is the best type of learning?

In-person, online, or VLN

What is the best type of learning?

Asher Britton, Reporter

In 2020, we had a virus spreading called Covid-91. When COVID was spreading we started three different types of learning. We had online learning, virtual learning (VLN), and in-person learning. But what is really the best way of learning? Now in 2022, online learning isn’t really talked about as much because COVID has calmed down.

First, we’re going to start off with in-person learning. In-person learning is a good way to learn. If you need to ask a question you don’t have to ask in front of everyone. In my opinion in-person learning is one of the best ways to learn. Your teacher can get to know you better with in-person. And no matter what happens, everyone has a way to get to school.

Now, let’s talk about online learning. Is online really a good way of learning? Being online can be hard; not everyone has good WiFi and some don’t have WiFi at all. I live somewhere we really can’t get WiFi. So this means online learning was a struggle. People that do online don’t really get good grades. Why? People don’t really get that good of grades because they get distracted or they fall asleep. When we came back to school many teachers said that a lot of their kids failed because they wouldn’t do their work. I really think that kids wouldn’t do their work because they either got distracted or they didn’t want to ask a question because not a lot of people want to ask in front of a class.

Last of all: VLN. Is it really a good way of learning? From what I’ve seen, a lot of people fail. They fail because they can do work whenever they want. A good thing about VLN is you can get up whenever you want, but then people don’t want to do their work later so they keep holding it back.

What is really the best learning model? In my opinion, I think in-person is the best way. I think it’s the best way because you don’t have to be afraid of failing and you can talk with your teacher on how you could get your grade up. A student who returned from virtual learning said that they, “liked VLN more.” They liked it more, but even with liking it, they still failed some classes orĀ  said they would get distracted. They also said while being VLN, they guessed on a lot of questions because they didn’t know how to do it.

Is there really a right way of learning? Even with all of these different ways of learning, one isn’t always the best. We all have are own opinions on what’s the best way to learn. How someone else learns may be good for them but not good for other people. Everyone has their own way of learning, so there is no way that is best for everyone.