Digging deeper in the brain

Digging deeper in the brain

Jordan Britton, Reporter

Have you ever seen people have a hard time reading in class or ask a lot of questions about the story? Have people ever made fun of one of them for it? Well, some people can’t help it. Many people have a disorder called dyslexia. It is a disorder that involves difficulty in learning to read or interpreting words, letters, and other symbols, but does not affect general intelligence.

Some people think that spelling and grammar is everything and may say dyslexics are just stupid.  Others say they’re just lazy. People say that they are smart in different ways. On the other hand, we have people who say they’re just human like the rest of us.

People with dyslexia also have strengths. I think people with dyslexia are fine the way they are because no one is perfect. As someone with dyslexia,  I feel like people like me get more bullied about it because of how I read when teachers want me to. Not everyone has the same type of dyslexia though: some have reading, or math, and even sometimes both.

A student who wished to remain anonymous said, “In school I have never once had another student bully me, but most of the teachers did. I had maybe two teachers my entire life who didn’t be mean to me about my dyslexia. Most of my family on my mom’s side have learning disabilities. My grandma made me feel horrible because I misspelled Revolutionary War when I was 12.”

Dyslexia is not something you get to grow out of. Some ways to not be mean to someone with dyslexia is just ignore it, don’t say anything mean about it (even if you’re friends), or say harsh things about it. Even though you don’t know, it hurts them, because it makes them feel bad about themselves.