The disrespect of teens

The disrespect of teens

Haeleigh Bayle, Editor

The trouble with teens is the level of disrespect they show to both adults and their peers. Being disrespectful can cause anyone to suddenly lose friends, credibility, and reliability. School magnifies the disrespect of students because they feel as though they don’t have to follow rules or what teachers have to say. This problem plagues the hallways and seeps into all rooms, wreaking havoc on the functionality of a classroom. So why are kids so disrespectful to their teachers, fellow students, and families?

I believe the trouble with disrespect is the fact that teens think they are more superior than the people they are around. Sure, some might say it is a “phase,” but individuals who learn to get their way through disrespect will carry this with them forever. Breaking long-known habits can be horribly difficult, and you’re asking kids who only know disrespect to suddenly become polite, well-mannered teens. I also think teens exhibit this level of disrespect simply because they want to get a laugh or impress certain individuals. Let me say this very plainly: being disrespectful is not cool, nor does it get you anywhere in life. Well, except maybe detention.

Picking on someone to get a laugh out of your buddy next to you is not only labeled bullying (and could result in detention) but unnecessary and cruel. Disrespect to others in the student body, teachers, and administrators can come in all forms. Not listening, talking back, refusal to cooperate, profanity, and countless other attitudes or actions can show this disrespectful demeanor.

Just the other day, I was walking down the hallway and heard a teacher ask a student where their mask was, and she responded with, “I don’t have to wear one.” Now, this is not an article about masks, it is simply showing the disrespectful actions from one of the hundreds of students who don’t cooperate each day. Go sit in the auditorium and watch as kids get sent in for bad behavior. They certainly have a lot to say about the teacher or school when they get down there, especially when they storm out the opposite door. The disrespect is through the roof in today’s school setting.

Because of this outrageous number of undisciplined students, there needs to be a course of action to stop this. Teachers and administrators need to create more severe punishments for such distasteful acting. Suspension shouldn’t be avoided for disrespectful students. If they get away with it once, they’ll just keep doing it. I also think parents need to step in and let their child know that being inconsiderate and rude to teachers is not acceptable. Students can let their peer who is acting crudely know that the audacious talking is not okay simply by not laughing. If you laugh at a certain individual after they are rude to a teacher, another student, or parent, you are causing them to act out even more. If you don’t laugh, or even tell them to knock it off, the chances they stop the insolent behavior is more likely.

Speaking harshly to peers, staff, and guardians is at an all-time high in this generation. But it doesn’t have to be. So, the next time you think about being disrespectful, what will you do? Stop and try to respond with respect? Or continue acting unpleasantly? What will you do if your friend acts in such an uncivil way?