Top ten most fascinating true crime cases

Top ten most fascinating true crime cases

Ava Gjertsen, Reporter

Crime happens all over and around us, sometimes even in our own lives. However, some cases gain more popularity and coverage than others. This tends to be likely due to bizarre and jarring factors within the case. With this being said, I’ve created a list from ten to one detailing the cases I find to be the most intriguing. (Content warning: if you’re interested and want to research these cases, please keep in mind they’re quite graphic and could be triggering/disturbing to some!)

10. Ken and Barbie killers (Two beautiful people committing some very ugly crimes.)

9. Toy Box Killer (The toy box is anything but fun.)

8. Mitchelle Blair (“Freezer mom”)

7. Andrea Yates (A mother’s love is unlike any other…right?)

6. Elisa Lam (The most perplexing case I’ve heard.)

5. Mary Bell (Who knew a little girl could be so dangerous?)

4. Jonestown Cult (Hundreds gone after following the words of a deranged man.)

3. Issei Sagawa (His interview is one of the most fascinating I’ve ever seen.)

2. Ed Gein (The case that inspired  “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and Buffalo Bill from “Silence of the Lambs”.)

1. Boy in the box (One of the biggest unsolved mysteries to this day.)