How common is it for Corry teachers to marry other teachers?

Surprisingly, it depends on gender


Sylvia Elmquist, Reporter

I have noticed that several of my male teachers are married to other teachers. I thought this was odd because teaching is just one job out of thousands, and it didn’t seem to be this way for female teachers. I sent out a survey to all the teachers to see if there really was a higher percentage of male teachers married to female teachers here at Corry. I was very surprised to find out I was correct. I had 32 teachers complete this survey and I am very grateful for all those who participated. 

Every teacher at Corry Middle High School received a copy of the survey in their mailbox. Teachers were then given a week to submit their responses. The survey consisted of four questions that were designed for anonymity. The questions asked for gender, significant other’s occupation, how they met, and plans for the summer. Forty-two percent of the responses were from male teachers and the rest, 58%, were from female teachers. Of the participants in the survey, 64% of male teachers had significant others who were also teachers and only 10% of female teachers had significant others who were teachers. The majority of responses consisted of  female teachers with significant others who were not teachers and the second highest consisted of male teachers with significant others who were teachers. 

After I saw that the majority of male teachers were married to female teachers, I started to wonder why this was. My guess was that they met at work or doing something teacher-related. Fifty-six percent of men with teachers said they did not meet their significant other at work. My original hypothesis only applies to 50% of teachers. 

I was curious whether having a significant other that was a teacher changed summer plans. This did not seem to be the case since all teachers surveyed had similar summer plans. All teachers seem to spend time outside along with a lot of house and yard work.