A birthday to remember


Hannah Chelton, Reporter

One upon time there was a little girl named Eleanor who had two older brothers. Eleanor’s birthday was on April 30, and she turned twelve years old. For her birthday her parents decided to go all out for it. At the beginning of the day, the family celebrated by having pancakes and cupcakes. Then the children were instructed to pack a bag for a three-day trip. The kids scrambled around the house as they vigorously were trying to pack as fast as they possibly could.

A couple hours later the family set out on the road for the adventure that awaited them. Eleanor, and her brothers were so excited that they couldn’t sit still for longer than a minute. However, that didn’t last long because the kids fell asleep within the first hour of the car ride. When the family arrived at their destination Eleanor’s parents woke them all up and told them where they had ended up after the long car ride. They ended up at a family camp that is five minutes away from an amusement park. The whole family was excited and could not wait to ride on all the roller coasters and swim in the pools.

Before they knew it, the trip was coming to an end even though it felt like they just got there. Everyone had such a good time and enjoyed everything they did together as a family. They all wanted to stay to have fun but knew they couldn’t because the kids had to go back to school the next day, and their parents had to work. When they arrived back at home Eleanor crawled into bed, covered up, and thanked her parents for such an amazing birthday present that the whole family got to share together. Once they left the room she got a ginormous grin on her face and realized how fortunate she was to have such a loving family.