Why cheese is not for me


Skylar Beckford, Reporter

Cheese is a classic all over the world and is cherished by many. You can eat it in almost any form, as it comes in blocks, shreds, slices, and can be melted, boiled, baked, etc. If there’s a way people can add cheese to food, they’ll do it. It’s no debate that people love the dairy product. In fact people seem to love cheese so much that they have dedicated an entire holiday to it, naming the day “National Cheese Lovers Day.” However, I have a bone to pick with cheese.

Before I dig into my distaste for cheese, let’s look at why people love cheese so much. According to chef Elise Wiggins, “Fat releases endorphins, so the fattiness of the cheese immediately gives you that umami effect.” Wiggins also justifies peoples’ love for cheese by mentioning its comforting aspects. Wiggins says, “It’s the mommy factor – it’s just so satisfying,” So, if a food closely reminds you of someone/something comforting in your life, it’s no wonder you love it, right?

Well, cheese may be put on a pedestal for being a comfort food and delicious, but I absolutely despise it. Not only does it smell putrid, but its taste is comparable to rubber. It is flavorless, and the texture is awful.

Not only is cheese bland, but it brings no real flavor to food. And, believe me, I have tried eating cheese in almost every form possible, and nothing has left me quite as disappointed.