Cold crisis in Texas


Skylar Beckford, Reporter

A fierce snow storm and frigid temperatures have led to power outages all over Texas. The storm swept across the country on Wednesday, February 15. Texas’s power grid took a hard hit, unable to handle the hundreds of thousands of residents trying to warm their homes. Texas is the only state that operates it own power grid, meaning it is not federally prepared for such extreme conditions.

Millions of Texans have had their power restored, while nearly 350,000 remain with no power. Senior of ERCOT, (the organization that operates Texas’s power grid), released a statement saying, “We’re to the point in the load restoration where we are allowing transmission owners to bring back any load they can related to this load shed event.” He continues by reassuring Texans and fellow Americans, “We will keep working around the clock until every single customer has their power back on.”

There has been a total of ten reported deaths linked to the disaster, and the toll is expected to go up in the coming days. The natural disaster and power outages have left thousands of Texans hungry, cold, and in despair. Talk show host and entertainer, Ellen DeGeneres, has donated $1 million to Texas food banks through the crisis. The $1 million donation was announced on Wednesday, and will support 18 food banks in Texas.