Which is better: video games or board games?

Which is better: video games or board games?

Hannah Chelton, Reporter

As technology is changing immensely, and it is available at peoples fingertips, it has changed the way people interact. Today, it is less common for families to be spending time together without any type of electronic present. Additionally, technology has influenced people to be introverted because they can play games online with people. They do not even have to physically be in the same room. They just see their character and can talk to each other through a headset without having to make a real conversation with one another.

Video games transform into a new world where in real life it is not possible to do some of the things a computer character can perform. It is almost as if the player transformed themselves into a new person. In real life, most people would not do anything that they do in the game, so playing these types of games does not benefit anyone in the long haul. After all, video games give people an escape from society and provides entertainment to individuals.

Board games seem like they have become outdated due to the busy lifestyles and video games that are coming out on what seems to be a daily basis. Although board games are “old-fashioned” as younger people would say, there are multiple benefits to playing these types of games. For instance, the social interaction is a big impact on individuals. The bonding, conversation, eye contact, and face-to-face interaction in games can only be achieved by playing board games. Additionally, board games do not operate from electricity, so the electric bill could be lowered from unplugging the video games often. Finally, family time is important and it is going to waste if you do not spend time together at all. It’s important to build relationships with family and close friends because they will be the ones that stick by your side for the rest of your life. If you do not spend time together, at one point in time you will regret it and wish that time couldĀ  be reversed.

Overall, there are many opinions why individuals would rather play one type of game over the other. However, it is important to look at the long run of things and consider what is important: the benefits of socialization or being in a fantasy world.