Fake news and disinformation on social media

Fake news and disinformation on social media

Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

If there’s one things everyone knows about social media, it’s the fake news it sends out. So many times I have found myself getting caught up in news that I have found on social media, only for it to be false. This lack of credibility and disinformation is eventually going to be the downfall of different social media platforms.

When someone goes onto a social media platform, they should be able to have confidence that the information they are seeing is valid. However, all people see when they enter a social media platform are the ridiculous accusations, random headlines, and beyond-false information. Whether it’s the love of causing a frenzy or business people just don’t know what they are talking about, they have now made it so the American people can’t believe what they are seeing. Instead, everyone is then urged to go to a true news website to find the truth or sit hoping that the information really was false. It puts so much stress and anxiety onto the people of this beloved country it makes me go crazy.

The constant pandemonium with different fake news on social media has taken a toll on society. People are now terrified to believe what they see on social media, but also too terrified to doubt it. They now get thrown into a panic attack, scrambling to ask others if it’s true, surf through more social media spots, and look at the news. Eventually, they find out it isn’t true, only to be tricked again in a short while and thrown back into the anxiety. This constant loop of anxiety and relief has torn through the country, running rampant and leaving behind large amounts of stress. This is one reason why so many people give up social media platforms one at a time, because they are realizing just how much fake news has been sent out on social media.

Instead of wreaking havoc, social media headquarters should strive to provide the most recent and valid information possible for their users. This in turn would help to not only increase the credibility of the company but also to form a safe spot that viewers can go to to find the newest (true) updates, lower anxiety problems, and help to expand their platform. If they were to have a completely fact-based website, so many more people would join and their profits would sky-rocket. I know without a doubt that I would join a real, believable, fact-based website.

A few websites that are known for their credibility and are top fact-checking websites that will verify or dismiss social media claims are: SnopesReality TeamFact Check, and lastly, Lead Stories

So, just a helpful message to the readers: if you see information on social media, always verify it with a credible source (take a look at the ones I have listed above). Don’t fall into panic and stress just because of what a social media platform says. And please, don’t spread the crazy, unrealistic fake news. Get to the bottom of the situation by finding the truth.