Holiday reflections

A few Beaver Tales staffers share some favorite holiday memories and traditions


Beaver Tales Staff

Rachael Hajec: One of my favorite Christmas memories or traditions is our annual wrapping paper fight. Every year when we go to my grandpa’s house, after we unwrap all of our gifts, each of us rolls our wrapping paper up into balls and hides it to save for the very end. After everyone is done opening gifts, we take out the balls and throw them at each other for what seems like forever. This is something so simple and fun that I have always enjoyed about Christmas Day rather than just thinking about the gifts I received.

Haeleigh Bayle: My favorite Christmas tradition is, after all of the presents are unwrapped and we eat our monkey bread (it’s like a cinnamon roll) on Christmas morning, we get ready and go to my grandparent’s. There, I get to see all of my cousins whom I haven’t seen for a long time, I get to eat lots of food, and we sit around laughing and telling funny stories.

Skylar Beckford: Christmas is a big deal in my household, so as soon as December comes, we put up the lights and blast Christmas music. I am very grateful for every gift I receive, but my favorite has to be the brand new TV we got this year. I’ve also been taking some time to think about my New Year’s resolution, and I think my only goal is to start appreciating myself more. A little self-love is definitely needed.

Hannah Smrcka: My favorite holiday memories are all and any that I spent with my siblings. I like baking Russian tea cakes and pizzelles with my sister, Frank always storming off when he gets last in Smash Bros. and Mario Kart, and getting to enjoy Star Wars movies and talking about theories and ideas with Trevor. My favorite gift I have ever received was a toy tea set from my grandma when I was five.

Hunter Taylor: Since the year I was born up until 2018, I had gone to my great grandma’s house for Christmas every year to have dinner and presents. My great grandma had a huge family. She had four kids, and the line continued down to where she had great-great grandchildren. So her house was packed on these occasions, but I still had fun and usually overstuffed with a lot of food.