The Christmas miracle


Skylar Beckford, Reporter

December is here, and yet again I am reminded of my favorite holiday story to tell. It was about three years ago, and it was Christmas Eve. Mom and Dad were busy stringing the lights around the house, and my little brother and I were watching our favorite Christmas movies by the fire. I was excited because the weather was predicting snow that night, and we almost never had snow on Christmas. Mom walked into the living room and pulled up the weather app on her phone, shaking her head. “No snow this year, I guess.”

Yet again, no snow. I was disappointed, but a part of me still had hope. Dad finished putting up the lights and Mom went to go make us some hot cocoa. I stood up and ran to the window, peeking out to see if any snow had fallen yet. “Patience, Darling,” Mom said as she walked in holding two mugs of hot cocoa. “It needs to snow,” I pouted. We finished the night off by drinking our cocoa and relaxing by the fire. It wasn’t long before we were all dozing off.

I woke up on the couch, and as soon as I remembered the snow, I ran to the window to check. I pulled the curtains open and gasped. Everything was covered in snow, and not a single strand of grass could be seen. I couldn’t contain my happiness, and ran to my parents’ room. “Mom, Dad, it snowed!” They looked out their window in disbelief. We hadn’t seen snow on Christmas since before my little brother was born, so it was definitely a shocker. I hugged my parents and we all watched as more snow fell to the ground. I was so concerned with the snow that I had totally forgotten about the presents.

Dad and I went downstairs while Mom went to grab my little brother. We all met downstairs by the tree. It was surrounded by presents, and I could feel my heart swelling with joy. However, I kept seeing something from the corner of my eye. I turned around just in time to see a pair of dark boots going up the chimney. “Santa!” yelled my little brother. I ran to the window and watched as a little figure disappeared into the early morning fog. I couldn’t believe it: Santa brought us snow!