My pet reindeer

My pet reindeer

Rachael Hajec, Editor

Once upon a time in a snowy land called Northwestern Pennsylvania, there lived a young girl and her family who all loved Christmas. Before Thanksgiving day, they began to set up all of their Christmas decorations in preparation for the busy holiday. Even though they knew this was frowned upon because Thanksgiving hadn’t even happened yet, they believed the spirit of Christmas was definitely needed throughout both holidays this year. As all the lights brightened up the house and Christmas music was playing in the background, they realized they should do ALL of their Christmas traditions earlier than normal this year.

Thanksgiving had finally passed and it was a cold night in early December. The little girl, Madison, and her family began to bake cookies, put out some milk for Santa, build a snowman, and spread reindeer food all over their entryway. Even though they knew Santa and his reindeer didn’t come till Christmas Eve, they wondered if maybe he would want to do things early this year, too. After completing all of their Christmas traditions, the girl walked outside to see if any of the reindeer food was missing. As she looked up at the sky she saw what looked like a shooting star and began to think “Santa?” All of a sudden, she heard a big thud on the roof and a rustling noise in the bush right beside her front door. She bent down and leaned in closer to come to find a flashing bright red light.

“Rudolph, is that you?!” the little girl asked with excitement.

Suddenly, Rudolph jumped out of the bush and began prancing around the little girl!

“What are you doing here, Rudolph? Christmas isn’t till the end of the month!”

Rudolph began to shake and a note addressed to Madison fell off of his fur that read…

Dear Madison,

“I hope this letter finds you well and that Rudolph made a safe landing, (he can be a scary flyer at times, haha.) I know this year has been a tough one, and I know how much Christmas spirit you and your family have. Since you have been on the nice list for so long and always love to help others, I am allowing you to keep Rudolph as your pet for the whole month of December! He will be able to fly you to the North Pole whenever you would like, and I would love your help in keeping the elves on task. The only thing I ask is that you keep him in a safe pen and return him by Christmas Eve. His shiny nose has to lead me somewhere. Merry Christmas, Madison!’

Love, Santa”

While Madison started beaming with excitement, she started making a list of all she wanted to do with Rudolph and what they could do together in the North Pole.

Days went by and each night while her family was sleeping she would go on top of the roof, take off with Rudolph, and head to the North Pole. Everyday would be a new task. Whether it was helping in Santa’s workshop, looking over the naughty and nice list, or even feeding the reindeer, Madison was up for the task. The whole month went by in a flash and suddenly it was Christmas Eve.

“Well, Madison, it is Christmas Eve and I’m afraid Rudolph has to help me deliver some gifts tonight,” said Santa.

” I understand…thank you so much for letting me keep him, he is a great pet to have,” she said with a grin.

“Make sure to watch out for him next year so he won’t scare you as bad!”

“You’re letting me have him next year, too?!”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way! He loves spending time with you, and you were a big help to the elves and I this year, so thank you!” said Santa.

As Madison gave Rudolph a hug goodbye and watched Santa’s sleigh take off, she realized how this Christmas would be one she would never forget.