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Secrets to relieving stress


Many people have commonly used the phrase “I am so stressed.” There is a hormone that can be blamed for that and it’s called cortisol. Cortisol is produced naturally in the human body and is released through the blood stream to the adrenal glands. It affects nearly all organs, but it is what wakes up the body in the morning, keeps it awake, and then lowers when time for bed. For some this affects their daily life, so in this article there will be tips to help reduce this stress hormone.

While many parts are at play with stress and there is no clear way to get rid of it, there are ways to help lower those levels. One way to decrease stress is to change your lifestyle a little. As many know incorporating exercise into daily life routines is one of the best ways to lower stress. As the human body ages it’s important to get the blood pumping to help get relaxing endorphins throughout the body to tone down the cortisol.

Sleep also helps get the body to relax. With less sleep the body is more likely to react to stress at higher levels because the body will be better at naturally leveling the amounts cortisol.

Another cortisol reducer is to go outside. Nature is proven to be very calming due to the freshness of the earth. It is also known as forest bathing. Not everyone’s lifestyle can be completely changed but there are steps and pacing is important as well as the mind. It’s important to meditate or just take time to breathe and make life slow.

As many know, foods can affect how much stress is inflicted on someone. A poor diet can increase stress hormones, but by eating food with anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce the amount of stress someone has in their daily life. It’s important to eat foods high in magnesium and omega 3. It’s also important to note that in order to help reduce stress, you should eat gut-friendly foods.

Supplements are also a good way to help with stress release or reducing. It is advised that before you buy supplements for stress, talk to your health care provider to make sure it is fit for you. While supplements are not a surefire answer, they can help naturally lower levels of stress throughout the day. Some supplements or herbs you can try are chamomile and lemon balm. These are products that can be found in the aisles at a pharmacy or in some Walmart locations.

These tips do not immediately take away stress, but with some time and effort, it can lower the amount of stress you have during the day.

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Avery Gates, Reporter
Avery Gates is a senior and this is her first year on the Beaver Tales staff. When she is not busy with her studies she enjoys watching movies, reading, swimming, and spending time with her animals.