‘Shadow Weaver’ highlights magic and friendship

Shadow Weaver highlights magic and friendship

“Shadow Weaver” is about a girl named Emmeline who has odd magic. Her parents never really approved of her magic and wished she would not use it, especially when they had guests. One day the girl’s parents told her to not use her magic at all because they were having guests. Of course, Emmeline being a curious twelve year old, did not listen to her parents wishes and decided to use her magic.

So she uses her magic to take shadows from the corners of rooms and hides herself around them like an invisibility cloak. No one is able to see her as she walks along the walls, except her best friend, Dar. Dar is not an ordinary human girl. In fact, she is not human at all. She is Emmeline’s shadow. Now normally when you walk in the sun your shadow appears right behind you mimicking your every move. Dar does that, but she can also talk and move away from Emmeline if she wants. The guests that come to visit Emmeline’s parents, sit in one of the rooms in her house. Emmeline curiously hides herself behind her shadows and listens to them talk, while standing silently against a wall. She soon finds out that the strange guests want to take her away to a weird school. She did not want to go to this school because they were going to take away her magic, so she ran away, finding a boy, the same age, named Lucas, on her journey away from home.

I like this book very much. It is a magic filled book, which is always my favorite. There are not many things about this book that I do not like. But way too many things I do like, such as, Emmeline meeting Lucas and soon becoming very good friends. I thought Lucas and Emmeline would have become closer, but that is really the only thing I would change about this book. After reading this book AND the sequel, I ended up loving them so much that I wish the author would have written more.

If I were to rate this book, I would rate it 5/5 because it has just about everything I love in a book.

What happened to Emmeline and Lucas? Find out in the sequel, ‘Comet Rising.’

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