Why talking about mental health is so important


Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

Mental health is one of the things that people mainly avoid talking about. Whether it’s because they don’t want to offend another, they’re too scared to speak their opinion about it, or they feel like it isn’t necessary, people choose not to talk about it. However, we need to incorporate talking about our mental health into our everyday lives because it helps others to begin to see that there is no shame in voicing what you are going through.

Talking about our mental health is extremely important in our everyday lives because when we learn to embrace the mental side of our health we will learn that we can become so much healthier. I remember learning in health class of the three healths: physical, social, emotional (mental). You can’t be physically and socially healthy but not mentally. In life we have to become more comfortable with ourselves and talking about how we’re feeling. Showing emotions is not a weakness. In fact, if anything, it proves just how strong you really are because you are allowing yourself to express those feelings that have been pent up to others.

Talking about mental health isn’t just important because we need to be able to talk about our emotions, it also is so important to talk about it because society needs to learn how to controlĀ our feelings and emotions. So many times the reason people get into huge fights are because they didn’t control those emotions, they just let them run wild. If people were to talk about these emotions and intense feelings of anger, jealousy, and even happiness, kids would be more prepared. I think that overall, less violence would break out if we as people were to get more educated on the mental side of our health. We would be able to grow closer and to get to know others on a more open and caring level.

I think that the way to fix this problem of how we don’t talk about our mental health is to provide a class that not only teaches students about mental health but engages them the whole time so that they understand just how important it is. I also think that another way to solve this dilemma is to have guest speakers come to our school and really show us how much mental health impacts not just ourselves but everybody else around us too.

So please, don’t be afraid to share your feelings and emotions with others, it strengthens relationships and makes you a healthier person.