Walks through the park don’t always go as planned!

April Peterson, Reporter

Everyday I go for a walk through the park down the road. Usually my walks are uneventful which I like because I just go to clear my mind and listen to music. Sometimes I would see other people walking on the trails but not often. One day I saw this woman walking her dog, it was a very beautiful dog. It must have been a pit bull mixed with something else. I’m not really sure what other dog it was a mix of but it was gorgeous. But nothing really eventful ever happens on my walks so I usually just keep my headphones in and up really loud.

One evening I was walking on the trails just like a normal day for me. I had my music up and I kept looking over my shoulder because I had a feeling that there was someone behind me, but every time I looked there was nobody there. I was getting really nervous so I turned my music down but kept my headphones in so that I could hear but it looked like I wasn’t paying attention. I started hearing foot steps behind me but when I would look there was still nobody there. I didn’t want to go back to my house because I didn’t want the person that I thought was following me to know where I lived.

I was really scared, so I walked out of the park and I started walking toward a store that was down the street. I walked into the store and told the salesman what I was just experiencing in the park and he said that I wasn’t the first person that came in there and told him that they felt like they were being followed around the park. I didn’t see anybody behind me when I was walking to the store, so I called my friend that was staying at my house and I told her what had happened and told her that I would be home in five minutes and if I wasn’t to call me back. I told the man at the counter that I was going to walk home now and he seemed to be very concerned and told me to be very careful.

As I was walking home I walked on the opposite side of the road and kept looking over my shoulder and watching the park as I walked by. I was almost to the opposite side of the park when I saw a man sitting in the woods right beside a path, the same path that I had walked on when I entered the park. I ran the rest of the way home and told my friend what I had just seen and we called the cops. When the cops showed up to my house they asked me for a description of the guy, but I couldn’t give them a very good one because he was sitting in the woods and it was dark.  The officers went to the park to search for the guy but he was gone. Lets just say that I will never be walking those trails alone again.