The troubled loner and the sentient broccoli

Samariana Pena, Reporter

In a distant city in Minnesota lived a troubled loner that no one really pays much attention to. His only friend was a sentient broccoli. They were the best of friends until one day the broccoli got tired of the troubled loner so he left and ended up getting into a gang with a group of delinquents who were all sorts of bad news. They would always do bad things, so then the broccoli started to do bad things.

One day the group wanted to get the broccoli in trouble so they went to a store and they robbed it, but the broccoli said no he didn’t want to help rob it. When the cops showed up the group lied and said that the broccoli did it.

The broccoli was heartbroken and was crying as the cops took him to jail the troubled loner said, “WAITTTT!” and they all look around to find the troubled loner with a camera. They listened to what the group said and sent the group to jail, and the broccoli and the loner went back to the distant city and were never heard from again.