A turkey and a dream

A turkey and a dream

Rachael Hajec, Editor

Once upon a time, a turkey named Gary had a dream. Gary lived in a small wooded area with his flock that was surrounded by a huge neighborhood filled with people who loved to hunt for their own meal for Thanksgiving. All of his turkey friends and family learned to live with it and did not mind being the main course meal. Gary thought otherwise. His goal was to escape the neighborhood (making it out alive of course,) and becoming the first, but not last, surviving Thanksgiving turkey. He also loved to sing and dance and planned on being the first ever turkey actor on Broadway. Everyday he watched the people drive in and out of the big, tall picket fence. They swiped a card, at what seemed to be a scanner, and the gate would open right away, but close quickly enough that Gary could not escape.

“If only I could get one of those cards, then we would be free!” exclaimed Gary.

“Just face it Gary, we are never gonna get out of here. You really think if you did you would have a chance on Broadway?! Pshhhh…” said one of Gary’s friends.

As Gary heard the words his friend spoke, he suddenly got aggravated and said, “I DO NOT want to be eaten, I want to live and explore the world of music. I was meant for the spotlight, and I will see it one day. Though how is it fair that we are the only ones wanted for Thanksgiving? Can’t these people eat ham or something?!”

While Gary wobbled and gobbled away angrily, he realized that if there was any way for him to get out of this neighborhood, he would be doing it alone.

Days went by, and Gary kept brainstorming and attempting ways he could escape. First, he tried going through the holes in the picket fence, but that caused a feather or two to go missing. Next, he tried “flying” over top of the fence and realized that wasn’t the smartest idea either. Then… it hit him! As he was walking along the end lines of the neighborhood near the houses, he saw a woman drop a card in the parking lot. While looking to make sure no one was coming, he ran over, picked up the card, and quickly ran back into the woods.

“What is that Gary, another one of your stupid ideas to escape? It is NOT gonna work!” said Gary’s friends.

“Oh really?!” Gary picked up the card, waved it in their faces, and announced the title on the card which said: Gate Exit Ticket 415.

“See ya guys later!” As Gary ran to the gate while humming a tune, making sure no cars were coming, he went up to the scanner, jumped and scanned the card against the reader, and noticed it said, “Accepted.”

Soon it was Thanksgiving day and everyone in the neighborhood was headed out to get their main course. As all the turkeys heard the footsteps and crunching of leaves, they instantly thought of Gary. Gary was the only one who was brave enough to escape and they didn’t realize how big of a mistake they had made until this very moment. No one had heard or seen Gary in almost a month. All of a sudden, a gust of wind went by and as they all looked up they saw a newspaper fall down right in front of them that read, “READ ALL ABOUT IT: The first ever singing and dancing turkey, Gary, on Broadway’s new and upcoming musical, ‘THE FEAST!'”