Dance to the Beat’s 9th annual recital happens this Saturday

Dance to the Beats 9th annual recital happens this Saturday

Kylynn Deane, Reporter

Our local recreational/competitive dance studio Dance to the Beat is holding their 9th annual dance recital Here is an article including all you need to know!

The recital is Saturday, May 13, and it will be located at the Corry Area High School. There will be two shows, the first one starting at 1:00 p.m. and a few hours later the second one will begin at 6:00 p.m., each having a 20-minute intermission between acts. It costs $10 a person to get in, and four and under are free.

Come and see almost two hours of great dancers who have been practicing since October to perfect their dances, see the 2023 Dancer of the Year (from the competitive team) get crowned, see special awards given to recreational dancers chosen by their teachers, and stop by the concession stand for snacks. There will be 50/50 raffle tickets and a free year of dance raffle tickets available for purchase at both recitals. You will get to see dancers of all ages perform, from adorable preschoolers to amazing upperclassmen. 

Registration for next season also has begun. You can pick up registration forms at the recital and sign your child up for the 10th season of DTTB. Yes, Alex Fox has been running her own dance studio for 10 years now, and we hope to see a packed auditorium and great recital turn out like all of the past years.