Top ten songs released in 2020

Top ten songs released in 2020

Hannah Smrcka, Editor

The year 2020 hasn’t been great, but that hasn’t stopped artists and creators from inspiring the world around them. Musicians have still produced new music despite the circumstances, and some songs have been true bops. Here are my top ten songs that have been released in 2020.

10. “Time Flies” by: Tori Kelly

9. “Rain On Me’ by: Lady Gaga

8. “Bored” by: Tessa Violet

7. “oh GOD” by: Orla GartlandĀ 

6. “Physical” by: Dua Lipa

6. “My Future” by: Billie Eilish

5. “An Offering” by: My Chemical RomanceĀ 

4. “Cool Girl” by: dodie

3. “Butterflies” by: Jacob Collier

2. “He Won’t Hold You” by: Jacob Collier

1. “Anything” by: dodie