The Final Storm, a poem


Jacob White, Reporter

I paid my dues to my old life

I started a new one but only to watch the life of two others

I found two trees that were very similar but located in different areas

One located out near farmland, the other located in the plaza of a city

Both stunning and a great representative of nature


The first few days seemed very calm

but then a storm hit upon the tree

It tore branches off in large amounts

there seemed to be no stop to the storm

then after a week or two the storm stopped

it sat there with everything tore off of it

It eventually grew back but then began to be hit again

Storm after storm and it just kept growing back

The branches grew stronger as time went on

There were scars that became engraved into it


The days were gorgeous shining upon it

It gathered sunshine all day and bathed

Leaves grew again and again, one after another

there seemed to be non-stop light shining upon it

It flourished and it never stopped growing more

There were countless branches that grew and grew

It became so intricate to the human eye

There were absolutely no damages on it in sight

Time went on and more branches would join into the tree

It swayed so graciously in the subtle wind

The big storm had finally hit

It reached both of the trees and was ferocious


The tree located in the nature stood tall and did not waver when the storm rolled in

when it ended there were no more scars inflicted then there had been

Nothing this storm could withdraw from the tree was something it has not dealt with before


The tree located in the city did not stand a single chance against the storm once it came

It was torn apart piece by piece, branches ripped off so violently one couldn’t stop it

Once the storm had finally ended there was only one thing remaining

a husk of what it once was stood and it didn’t have a chance of surviving this storm


Same type of tree

One beaten upon constantly

The other was untouched and flourished

But only one did survive and made it out of a storm unbearable to most others.