Drawing club gives back this Valentine’s Day


Emma Minnick, Editor-in-Chief

This Valentine’s Day, Ms. Heslop’s drawing club class is giving back. The exploratory class has made 37 Valentine’s Day cards for the WCTL Healing Hearts project. These cards will distributed through women’s shelters, nursing homes, and other care facilities.

The class’s teacher, Ms. Heslop, said of the project, “I heard about it on the radio and I think it’s for a good cause… it would be worthwhile to get my students involved.”

The cards come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and designs, complete with drawings and heartfelt sayings.

Lillee Brink, one of the students involved in the project said, “I first thought that some people need help by love, and I like making inspirational quotes…” Other students said their designs were meant to be “inspiring”, “colorful,” and “fun.”

Student Allison Swanson said she, “Most definitely had fun,” working on this project, and would recommend drawing club to her peers because it “Stimulates your brain and relaxes you.”

Excellent work to Ms. Heslop’s drawing club for not only their beautiful cards, but their giving spirits this Valentine’s season!