Teachers should be giving less homework

Lindsey Mitchell, Reporter

Have you ever had so much homework sleep wasn’t an option? Staying up all night to finish something that might only be 2 points but that could help your grade? Spending all that time up and being exhausted the next day? I think any person who has been in school could say yes to these. Teachers give too much homework for kids these days. I think that teachers shouldn’t give as much homework as they do now because some kids have sports, work, or a hard home life that is just not ideal for lots of homework.

I’m not trying to make excuses for us not doing home work, but for example, I play volleyball and we travel to away games sometimes far away and we don’t get home until late. Teachers say do it on the way there or back, but personally I get car sick when even looking at my phone to change the music. Also, some kids have to have jobs to pay for things themselves because maybe their parents don’t have the money or their parents want them to be independent and are teaching them responsibilities now.  We also have seven classes a day, so if we have over ten problems or a lot to do for one class and all the rest give the same amount, we have to stay up and try and finish it all, which leads us to be tired and not fully there for the next day’s class.

This affects a lot more than just a grade on a piece of paper; it affects our future.  I’m not saying teachers shouldn’t give any homework, but I’m  saying they should give fewer assignments. Less homework and more class time teaching or worksheets would be so much more effective so that students are not running around stressing out about how they are going to get all of their homework done. A compromise would be that teachers give students less homework and focus more on the classroom but students also should put forth effort in class.