Corry Basketball Senior Night

MaKenna Moore, Editor

On Wednesday, January 11, Corry boys’ basketball celebrated their six seniors Cole Nickerson, Ashton Mineo, Nathan James, Brian Cressley, Chance Rogers, and Stephan Brady, and their five girls’ basketball cheerleaders Brilie Tasker, Peyton Wilkinson, Gwen Addams, Ryah Lambert, and JadeaLisa Sheehan.

In the lobby all 11 posters of each senior laid on tables with many pictures of them over the years. The theme was an orange out. There were printouts of each senior’s face on popsicle sticks for fans to hold up.

JV played at 6p.m., then at around 7p.m. the senior ceremony started. They announced each senior, who walked out with their parents into the center of the gym while announcing that senior’s favorite memory, what they plan on doing in the future, and a piece of advice they give to the younger players. There was a short speech that the announcer said that thanked all of the parents and the cheerleaders for putting in so much effort and time into the basketball program over the years. For gifts the players received a gift bag, flower, and a basketball with their names on it. The cheerleaders were then announced and they received a gift bag and flowers. At halftime the cheerleaders performed their dance.

They played against the Northwestern Bobcats and all the seniors were announced, and they started on the court. Towards the end with five minutes left in the game the next younger group of players came and took the place of the seniors and juniors. The Beavers took the win with the score being Corry 74 and Northwestern 52. It was a good senior night for all the boys.

To get players and cheerleaders point of view on their senior night. I first asked cheerleaders Brilie Tasker and Peyton Wilkinson how they felt on senior night, and what they are going to miss most about cheering. Tasker said, “I was sad to leave the sport I loved my whole life. I will miss my friends, learning new stunts, and cheering on the boys.”

Wilkinson’s reaction to how she felt about senior night is, “I felt very honored, and a little stressed.” When it comes to what she will miss, she said, “I will miss the community, and the squad.”

I then asked basketball players Ashton Mineo and Cole Nickerson how they thought their senior night game went, and what they are going to miss most about playing basketball. Mineo said, “I will miss my teammates. I think [the game] went good, and we got a nice win. Everyone contributed.”

When asked about how he thought the game went Nickerson said, “It went really well; it was a very enjoyable game.” When it came to what he would miss the most about playing basketball, he said, “I am going to miss creating new bonds with all my teammates and coaching staff.”