The last Girl of the Month for 2022


Jenna Martin, Editor

Every month there is a Girl of the Month chosen from Corry High. The girl chosen gets to be highlighted in The Corry Journal.  Mrs. Bourgoine, who is in charge of collecting girl nominees has disclosed that the winner is chosen by a committee of high school teachers and is honored by the Beta Sigma Phi Sorority.

The December Girl of the Month for 2022 is Rachael Edgar. I asked Rachael what her initial reaction was when she found out she was chosen and she replied with ,”I was surprised when I found out and didn’t expect it at all.”

I then asked her why she believes she deserves to be chosen, she then stated “I don’t think I deserve to be chosen more than anyone else. I have always tried to maintain good grades and do what’s right, which is maybe why I was chosen.”

Rachael was a part of the Girls Varsity Soccer team for all four years of her high school experience. Rachael is also in the National Honors Society and is a student ambassador here at Corry High.