September and October Boys of the Month


Jenna Martin, Editor

Every month there is a boy nominated to be the “Boy of the Month” in Corry that is featured in the Corry Journal. Usually, every month the boy is chosen by a committee of  high school staff members, and is honored by the Corry Rotary Club.

Jacob Swartzfager was chosen to be the “Boy of the Month” for September. When I asked Jacob what his first thought  was when he found out he was chosen, he said, “My initial reaction was surprised that I was chosen and I was very thankful for the opportunity to learn more about what the club was about.”

I then followed up and asked him why he thought he was chosen. He then answered, “I think they chose me because I’m very respected by all of my peers and teachers, and I try my best in school, and to better my reputation.”

Cooper Yatsko was chosen to be the “Boy of the Month” for October. I also asked Cooper what his initial reaction was when he found out he was chosen, he said, “When I first heard that I was going to be chosen for the Rotary Club Boy of the Month, I honestly wasn’t sure what I was being recognized for. When I got to meet the club members I was told that I was chosen because of my academic achievements and my character. I am very proud to join the ranks of prior members who have received recognition and I encourage others to get involved with this community based organization. ”

You can find more information on the boys and their extra curricular activities on the Corry Journal website.